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Tying Method

Berikut ini adalah cara pake Sleepy Wrap:

>>Basic Tie

Basic Tie

1. Unfold the wrap and find the Sleepy WrapTM logo at the center. Place the logo around your waist and wrap around your back.
2. Cross the two pieces behind your back and bring each side up and over your shoulders to the front. Try to keep the material flat so it doesn’t twist.
3. Tuck both pieces underneath the section with the logo.
4. Pull them both down. The part with the label will rise up to your chest and should be adjusted so that it fits you snug and literally clings to your body. You are almost there.
5. Cross the pieces and bring the fabric around your waist behind your back. Make sure that the pieces cross each other high on your chest area (your sternum is a good reference point). There is no need to leave extra space for your baby.
6. Cross the wrap and if there is enough fabric bring it back to the front.
If not, you can tie a knot here.

>>Classic Love

1. Somebody is getting sleepy.
2. Hold your baby securely and carefully place one leg through the shoulder piece of the Sleepy WrapTM that is closest to your body.
3. Spread the fabric wide over your baby’s entire bottom, back and shoulder. The wider you spread it the more comfortable it will be.
4. Tuck your baby under the second shoulder piece and spread the fabric.
5. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over your baby’s bottom and back. You can keep your baby’s legs covered or you can pull your baby’s legs through if you wish.
6. Love your baby.

>>Hammock Hold

1. Fold the shoulder pieces in half. This makes a pouch on each side.
2. Place baby’s bottom in the pocket that is closest to your body. Your baby will be sitting sideways with one ear against your chest.
3. Spread the fabric wide over baby’s bottom back and shoulder.
4. Place legs into the other pocket and spread fabric again.
5. Pull the logo piece of fabric up and over your baby. At no time should your baby’s chin be tucked into his chest.
6. Please note that your baby’s nose should be tilted upwards.

>>Upright Newborn

1. Start with the basic tying method.
2. Grab the shoulder piece closest to your body.
3. Slide your baby down your chest and into the shoulder piece. Do not separate your baby’s legs. Leave them tucked in the fetal position.
4. Spread the other shoulder piece over your baby’s body.
5. Pull up the logo piece of fabric up and over your baby’s back and bottom.

Kalo kurang jelas, bisa juga liat videonya tutorialnya disini(untuk Basic Tying Method) dan disini(untuk Metode Classic Love).